Is YoWhatsApp safe to use on Android?

Yes, YoWhatsApp app is safe to use on Android devices as it contains no kind of vulnerability. It’s a simple WhatsApp modification consisting of all the same tools and the same app interface as the official WhatsApp messenger.

Does YoWhatsApp work on the iPhone?

Absolutely Not, YoWhatsApp is an APK file created solely for Android 4.4+ devices. It can’t work in any device functioning on any other operating system than Android.

Can YoWhatsApp be banned?

Every modified application comes with numerous scripts for advanced functionality. Same for WhatsApp, it contains several scripts and MODS, which help in customization and adding other features. Well, it’s an anti-ban app, but for your own security, you must have to use a demo or unofficial account on it.

Is it possible to install YoWhatsApp without verification?

Play Protect is the main prototype of the Google Play Store, which basically checks android apps before installation for violations or bugs.

Why is YoWhatsApp not found in Play Store?

YoWhatsApp is developed by a 3rd party developer. Unfortunately, due to copyright and license problems, it isn’t available on PlayStore.

Can I keep both WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp both installed together?

Yes, you can keep both WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp installed together on the same device.

Is YoWhatsApp developed by WhatsApp company?

No, It’s an unofficial app developed by independent developers, not sponsored by the WhatsApp company.